Heels of Steel

Episode 4

In this episode Heels of Steel comes the finale of our inspiring adventure with Bjørg and Annemiek. In this season, we have seen how these power ladies refresh the offshore energy industry with their energy and expertise. Bjørg, who is going through her traineeship at Heerema Marine Contractors, showed us what it means to pursue your career with passion. Annemiek, our marine ecologist, shared her love for marine life. In this final episode, you will get an exclusive insight into how they tackle professional challenges while balancing their busy lives with personal passions.

Get ready for an episode packed with inspiration you won’t want to miss. Get motivated by these role models and join us in closing this special season. Tune in and get inspired one last time by the amazing women of Heels Of Steel!

Episode 3

In this new episode of Heels of Steel, we meet Bjørg, the enthousiastic engineer trainee at Heerema who is bursting with energy. She takes the opportunity to work on various projects at Heerema with full conviction! And then there is Annemiek, our underwater Queen. A marine ecologist, she dedicates her life to protecting marine life. Her mission? To conduct research on the impact of offshore platforms on the seabed and boost biodiversity! These two women will take you on their maritime adventures in the next 2 new episodes. But that’s not all; we hope to inspire more women to also find their place in this exciting industry!

Episode 2

In the previous episode of Heels of Steel, we were introduced to Patricia and Coco. Two women with interesting jobs in a world of the offshore energy industry that is still male dominated. In this episode, we re-visit the largest crane ship in the world and the largest Renewable Energy project in the Netherlands and do see how these women are balancing great responsibility towards their work and their private lives.

Episode 1

In episode 1 of Heels of Steel, we kick off with the two-power women Patricia and Coco. Both ambitious ladies with ditto jobs. Patricia works as chief electrician on board the very largest crane ship in the world, ‘The Sleipnir’. Patricia takes us on board, giving us a glimpse of her impressive and responsible job. Coco also has an important job at TenneT, with a lot of responsibility. She takes us through all the preparatory tasks involved in the yet-to-be-built largest Grid at Sea wind farms IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Nederwiek. An immense project where the necessary permits and preparations must be made.

about heels of steel

You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman. 

Join us on an exhilarating journey as we dive into the compelling lives of four extraordinary women who defy stereotypes in the male-dominated realm of maritime and offshore energy. Over the course of four interesting episodes, you’ll get an up-close look at the incredible journeys of Patricia, Coco, Bjørg, and Annemiek, who have chosen to conquer the challenging 24/7 technical industries.

These women aren’t just professionals; they’re trailblazers who thrive amidst challenges, surprises, and the intricate complexities of their roles. Did their path to success differ because of their gender? Perhaps, but what’s undeniable is their unwavering determination and commitment to tackling complex issues that drive change and propel our global economy forward.

But don’t be fooled by their professional prowess; they are also just like any other women, navigating the everyday challenges that life throws their way. Step into the world of these empowered females, and who knows, you may discover an uncharted universe of possibilities waiting to inspire you.