Heels of Steel

who are we?

Founded by Irene ‘t Hart in 2007, NorthCmedia is a full-service certified film and media production agency specialized in online media solutions for the offshore (wind) and maritime industries. Besides producing visual video communications that generate impact, we are also continuously connecting people and organizations with our content concepts. Heels of Steel is an example of this. We are constantly driven by inquisitiveness and enthusiastic about making companies more visible and helping them to grow. This drive comes from knowing what video content can bring to businesses and we therefore express our motto ” Don’t tell them but show them” in delivering a perfect and effective film product. NorthCmedia is a team of driven media fanatics with a passion for the film and animation business. We are constantly striving to innovate, and the family atmosphere contributes to the quality we aim for with each other. NorthCmedia is a one-stop-creative shop that takes the hassle out of its clients and attaches great importance to a personal touch, service, and a fantastic result on the end.