Heels of Steel

Empowering diversity

empowering diversity

‘Diversity and inclusion’ have become a popular slogan. Everyone talks about how we can change things. But there seems to be less talk about whether we are taking the right approach. Your organization may have the right policies in place. You comply with equal employment opportunity measures; your workforce is made up of multiple populations and you have a discrimination policy that promotes a fair working environment. That’s great to hear, but still, especially in male-dominated professions, we unfortunately still see too limited diversity, or it is not enough visible. For us as a media company, NorthCmedia, embracing diversity means making women visible and portraying them in a very respectful way. We are proud of women who are committed to contributing to the economy by doing what they are good at, regardless of origin or gender qualifications.

We also want to show to our young prospective generation the fantastic possibilities and opportunities that are available for them to experience a beautiful flourishing career at companies that might not be immediately into their minds. Diversity is not only gender-related, but also industry-related, and our mission with Heels of Steel is to make interesting video content to show what a positive world there is behind the professions of interesting women, and this way, to promote and embrace empowering diversity.